A year-plus of advocacy results in The Student Success Act becoming law

Jun 14, 2019

The Student Success Act, a landmark investment in Oregon schools, passed both chambers of the Legislature and was signed into law by Gov. Kate Brown in May 2019. The act, House Bill 3427, is expected to generate $1 billion annually for education through a new business tax. These funds will prioritize early learning and K-12 education; about half the new money will be divided among districts based on enrollment and the rest will go to early learning and statewide initiatives to support students.

The Student Success Act came out of more than a year of work, with legislators traveling the state to learn what was working in schools and what students needed. Input from students, school board members, educators, community members and employers shaped the legislation. The Oregonians for Student Success campaign, founded by the Oregon School Boards Association, facilitated ongoing conversations to shape the act, including hosting 10 town halls, six advocacy days at the Capitol, and more than 11,000 digital connections between constituents and their legislators.

For education advocates, the Student Success Act’s passage is a historic victory for Oregon students.

“If you live in Oregon and you care about kids, you are standing on your desk, clapping your hands and screaming ‘Yes!’ at the top of your lungs today,” said Jim Green, Executive Director of the Oregon School Boards Association. “Many of us in Oregon have spent our entire adult lives waiting for the day we would fix our broken school funding model. That day is now on the horizon.”

Gov. Brown held a ceremonial signing of the Student Success Act in a packed room at Washington Elementary School in Salem. Brown said she was “Proud to sign our Student Success Act into law today, ensuring our schools will finally receive funding at the level our children deserve. This is a big day for our kids, and their future.”

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