Join us in Salem for a lobby day! Our students need you

Feb 4, 2019

The 2019 Oregon Legislature has the opportunity to make a life-changing difference for our students and schools by investing an additional $2 billion in our classrooms and children over the next two years.

This dramatic action requires all of our support to make it happen. Your voice was never more important.

Oregonians for Student Success is organizing a series of lobby days to make it easy for concerned parents and others to meet face-to-face with their lawmakers to tell them it’s time to invest in our students.

Our first “Lobby Day” will occur Feb. 12. We’ll meet a 9 a.m. in room 117, Local Government Center, 1201 Court St. in Salem. Please RSVP here.

We hope to recruit as many residents of Multnomah and Clackamas counties as possible. But every Oregonian is invited to join us.

Let’s tell our state leaders that our schools need more resources to give every student the opportunity to graduate and succeed.

Your voice has powerful impact. A few simple tips to successful engagement with your senator or representative:

  • Do your homework. Be specific about how additional investment will benefit your local schools and students. If possible, tell your legislator how chronic underfunding has affected your child or other students.
  • Treat your legislators with respect and thank them for their service. Address legislators as “Representative” and “Senator.” Members of the Oregon House and Senate devote long hours to their duties, which often means time spent away from their own families.
  • Make the most of your time together. Very often your meeting with your legislator is sandwiched between floor sessions or committee meetings. Make sure you get to your point quickly and, if appropriate, be prepared to leave simple background materials for your lawmaker and/or staff to read later.
  • Follow up. Send a thank-you note or email for the meeting and commit to staying in touch.

And don’t forget, Oregonians for Student Success has also created an easy way for you, your friends and neighbors to email state lawmakers about the need to invest in our students and schools.

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