Oregonians demand lawmakers fully fund schools

Apr 16, 2019

Oregon has consistently underfunded public education since 1990. Our students can’t wait any longer. Shorter school years, larger class sizes, program cuts and more are all hurting their ability to graduate.

That’s why real Oregonians from every corner of the state, from Ashland to Astoria, Baker City to Coos Bay, are speaking up to advocate for a $2 billion increase in funding for K-12 schools.

The 2019 Oregon Legislature has the opportunity to make a life-changing difference for our students and schools by prioritizing education investment for our students and communities.

Here’s what real Oregonians are saying to each other and their lawmakers:

“Education is an investment to more tax money coming in.” – Kimberly from Jefferson

“It cannot continue; Salem needs to step up and act.” – MaryLu from Multnomah County

“All kids should have the best programs that they deserve.” – Tricia from Albany

“I know you know as well as I do that we MUST HAVE smaller class sizes, more school counselors, and additional mental health services. Please keep pushing for revenue reform.” – Lisa from Hillsboro

“Our students deserve better, Oregon ranks at the bottom compared to national education data. We need class sizes to be smaller so teachers can effectively manage classes and TEACH; increase mental health supports, and elevate the role of teachers with better pay and benefits.” – Danielle from Eugene

“We need to better support our students, teachers, and schools.” – Elizabeth from Oregon

“We have underfunded schools for decades. We need to invest in preK, CTE, and mental health services. Our kids deserve this and time is running out. Please make this a priority.” – LeeAnn from Oregon

“Continued disinvestment in education puts our future at risk. Please vote for revenue reform.” – Kristen from Tualatin,

“My daughter is a preschooler and just starting her preK-12 education. I want to ensure she has the best education available which means QEM funding. Thank You. Please Support Revenue Reform as a priority.” – Yadira from Hillsboro

“Please find a way to increase education revenue for all k-12 and higher ed programs.” – Jaime from Hillsboro

“I have a two-year-old and a four-year-old who will soon be entering school. Please fund education. Please keep them safe. Please lower class sizes and hire and retain high-quality educators. You have the power to make a positive change, and my family is counting on you. Thank you for your service.” – Peter from Eugene

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