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Mar 25, 2019

At a time of historical change and economic uncertainty, classes, activities, and opportunities for students and their communities continue to disappear from our schools.

State legislators have proposed a $100 million cut to the K-12 State School Fund. This represents a significant reduction in commitment to our students, our schools and the communities they serve.

Education advocates have been told that this funding level will offer less than schools need to maintain current services and avoid staff and program cuts at many districts.

It’s critical that we come together and commit to fully funding Oregon schools, so our students have access to the opportunities and resources they need to succeed in a future economy.

Funding a robust system of public education is the best investment Oregonians can make to strengthen our economy, create thriving communities and improve the quality of life for every Oregonian. That’s where we need your help.

We need your help to fully fund Oregon Schools

Do you have an Oregon Student Success story that you’d be willing to share with the public?

Oregon’s schools have provided a multitude of examples over the years of how investments in education work for our students and our economy.

Share Your Story with Oregon.

Do you know an outstanding educator who deserves more recognition? Is there a member of your school who has shown terrific progress thanks to state-funded programs? Is there a school activity or community event that you can’t imagine not having next year? Did you or someone you know directly benefit from school experiences in art, music, PE, career and technical training or co-curricular activities?

Submit your Oregon Student Success story at and help your community show lawmakers the value of fighting for Oregon’s future.

Thanks for the help.

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