Students for Oregonians’ Success

Mar 25, 2019

For three decades, Oregon has been underfunding our schools and shortchanging our students. This legislative session, we have the best opportunity to make a transformational investment in our students, our schools and the future prosperity of Oregonians.

The time for fully funding Oregon education is now. That’s why students across the state are standing up and dedicating themselves to the fight for full funding alongside school board members, parents and education professionals.

These student advocates understand that funding a strong system of public education is the best investment Oregonians can make to strengthen our economy, create thriving communities and improve the quality of life for every Oregonian. Without full funding, school districts across Oregon will be severely impacted and have to start planning cuts to staffing, programs and school days for 2019-20.

Oregonians for Student Success followed some of these students as they advocated for full education funding for their peers throughout Oregon. We invite all Oregonians to take the time to experience these students’ stories and sign-up for updates on their fight for full funding.

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