The People have Spoken – Oregonians stand up for full funding

Apr 16, 2019

From Portland to Medford, Tillamook to Ontario, Oregonians are demanding the Oregon Legislature increase funding for schools by $2 billion in the state’s next two-year budget.

Fully funding our schools will allow us to raise graduation rates, reduce class sizes, hire more teachers and counselors, expand career and technical education, and improve support and mental health services for students.

Here’s what real Oregonians are saying to each other and their lawmakers:

“Education broadens perspectives and changes lives! Let’s give the students of Oregon every chance to be trailblazers for the greater good.” – Adam & Jessica from St. Helens

“It matters to our kids. They need and deserve quality teachers and supporting experts to educate them and get them to graduation. The need pre-k opportunities and more CTE electives to stay engaged.”  – Karen from Tigard

“We need to prioritize what is important. Cutting funding to public education should never be an option.” – Bonnie from Silverton

“We are the voice for their future please show support. 🦋” – Sandra from Medford

“Why are our children shortchanged while big corporations get breaks?” – Judy from Oregon

“We can’t afford the cut for many reasons, one of them being Oregon having one of the highest high school dropout rates in the US. I currently go to an alternative school that gets low funding in the first place so who knows what is gonna happen if they lower the funding for schools 😢” – Alexis from Oregon

“If educators have so many students in their classes, they cannot form bonds that are required for successful learning. We need smaller classes. We need support staff. We need to bring back the arts and CTE.” – Danielle from Eugene

“Go big and go bold for education. Let’s give them the education they deserve. ‘STEAM’ is every child’s right.” – Donna from Aloha

“They are our future. We cannot afford to lose any student due to mental health issues. The only way to win is to invest in our future, our children. Thank You.” – Kim from Eugene

“2019 is when we rewrite the plan for our students and the state. Quality Schools = a Quality State.” – Otto from Multnomah County

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